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Trilobites mind map
Ten New Trilobite Species in Thailand
Providing insights into Earth's geological history
Spanning 490 million years
Location of Discovery
Little-studied part of Thailand
Trilobites: Extinct Sea Creatures
Historical Significance
Studying Earth's evolution
Millions of years
Recent Findings
Ten new species
Including one named after Thai Royal Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn
Geological Context
Petrified Ash and Zircon Crystals
Trapped between layers of petrified ash
Ancient volcanic eruptions
Zircon crystals for precise dating
Radio isotope techniques
Challenges in Dating Late Cambrian Period
Time Period
Between 497 and 485 million years ago
Limited tuff occurrences
Thai discovery's significance
Window into poorly dated interval
Global Connections and Geological Puzzle
Connection Potential
Thailand with other parts of the world
Similar trilobite discoveries
Regions for Comparison
China, Australia, North America
Rocks challenging to date accurately
Exciting Discovery on Ko Tarutao Island
Part of UNESCO geopark site
International collaboration in scientific exploration
Added Dimension
Understanding Earth's ancient geological history

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