Supreme Court Bans Tiger Safari in Core Areas of Jim Corbett National Park

Supreme Court Bans Tiger Safari in Core Areas of Jim Corbett National Park mind map
Recent News
Imposed by Supreme Court
Former Uttarakhand Forest Minister Harak Singh Rawat
Former divisional Forest Officer Kishan Chand
Result of
Illegal construction
Felling of trees
CBI to file status report within three months
Petition by
Environment activist and lawyer, Gaurav Bansal
Nexus of officers identified
Committee formed
To examine safari permission in buffer areas
Quoted Mahabharata
"The forest perishes without the tiger"
Earlier Case
Uttarakhand High Court ordered CBI inquiry
September last year
For illegal construction and felling of 6,000 trees
High Court's suo motu cognizance
From media reports
CBI to conduct investigation
ED's action
Raided residences of Rawat and Chand
To protect wildlife habitat
Balance tourism interests
Tiger safaris banned in core areas
Permitted in peripheral and buffer zones
Aimed at wildlife protection
Judiciary's commitment underscored
Quotation from Mahabharata on tiger's significance
Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand
Harak Singh Rawat
Former Uttarakhand Forest Minister
Kishan Chand
Former divisional Forest Officer
Gaurav Bansal
Environment activist and lawyer
Justices BR Gavai, Prashant Kumar Mishra, and Sandeep Mehta
Involved in ruling
Directed CBI for investigation
Committee formation for buffer area examination
Protection of wildlife habitat
Reduction in tiger poaching acknowledged
Illegal construction and deforestation
Way Forward
State's responsibility in restoring forest status emphasized
Restoration and recovery from responsible parties

The Supreme Court of India has recently banned tiger safaris in the core areas of Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand, following concerns over illegal construction and deforestation activities. This decision aims to protect the park’s wildlife habitat while balancing the interests of tourism. The court criticized former Uttarakhand Forest Minister Harak Singh Rawat and former Divisional Forest Officer Kishan Chand for their roles in these activities and directed the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to report on the case. Additionally, a committee has been formed to examine whether safaris can be allowed in buffer or fringe areas of national parks across the country​​​​.

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