Hoolock Gibbon

Hoolock Gibbon upsc notes
China event raises concern over India’s only ape
Source: TH
Conservation status of hoolock gibbon
India’s only ape species
Matter of concern at a global event
Held in China
About Gibbons
Smallest and fastest ape
Found in
Tropical and subtropical forests in Southeast Asia
Hoolock gibbon
Unique to India’s northeast
One of the 20 gibbon species
Estimated population of 12,000
All 20 gibbon species
At high risk of extinction
Due to declines in distribution and populations since 1900
Leaving only small populations in tropical rainforests
Primary threat in India
Felling of trees for infrastructure projects
Global Gibbon Network (GGN)
Protect and conserve gibbons and their habitats
By promoting participatory conservation policies and actions
Non-profit conservation organization based in Assam, India
One of the founding organizations of the GGN
From seven countries
Controversy regarding conservation status
Initial belief
Two separate species
Genetic analysis by the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB)
In Hyderabad in 2021
Revealed only one species of ape in India
The hoolock gibbon
International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List
Classifies the western hoolock gibbon as endangered
Classifies the eastern hoolock gibbon as vulnerable
Adds complexity to their conservation status

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