Steel Slag Roads

Steel Slag Roads upsc notes
Source: PIB
Developed the world’s latest
Steel Road technology
Using steel slag
What is Steel Slag Road?
Steel slag
Byproduct of steelmaking
Produced during separation
Of molten steel
From impurities
In steel-making furnaces
Steel slag roads
Roads constructed using steel slag
Instead of discarding this waste material
It is processed
Used as an aggregate
In road construction
Steel slag mixed with
Other materials
To create a durable
Sustainable road surface
Developed by
Technology pioneered by
CSIR-Central Road Research Institute (CRRI)
Allows for the large-scale utilization
Of waste steel slag
From steel plants
In road construction
Part of the “Waste to Wealth” initiative
Addresses environmental degradation
Caused by waste steel slag
Steel slag roads
Well-suited to India’s terrain
Offer cost savings of 30%
Three times the lifespan
Of traditional roads
Resistant to weather conditions
Success demonstrated in various projects
Including in Surat
Arunachal Pradesh
On National Highway NH-66

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