PRS Report on the Functioning of 17th Lok Sabha

PRS Report on the Functioning of 17th Lok Sabha mind map
Recent News:
17th Lok Sabha:
Likely to be shortest since 1952:
Functioned for 33% of scheduled time
230 sitting days so far
Lowest sitting days compared to previous Lok Sabhas
Budget session:
From January 31, 2023 to April 6, 2023
With recess from February 14 to March 12
Adjourned sine die on April 6
Sat for 25 days
Limited legislative activity
Minimal discussion on budget
Continuous disruptions
One Bill passed without discussion
Competition (Amendment) Bill, 2022
150 Bills introduced so far
131 Bills passed excluding Finance and Appropriation Bills
Decline in Bills introduced and passed in last four sessions
Financial Business:
Sixth shortest budget session since 1952
Lok Sabha spent 18 hours on financial business
16 hours on general discussion of budget
Proposed expenditure of Rs 42 lakh crore passed without discussion
Reduced debates in Parliament
Motion of Thanks on President's Address only item discussed
Discussed for about 28 hours in both Houses
150 members participated
Question Hour:
Poor functioning
Functioned for 19% of scheduled time in Lok Sabha
9% in Rajya Sabha
About 7% of starred questions answered
Private Member Business:
No Private Member Bills introduced or discussed
One Private Member Resolution discussed in each House
Term duration:
2019 to 2024
What/Full Provisions:
Legislative activities:
Mentioned above
Financial activities:
Mentioned above
Mentioned above
Question Hour:
Mentioned above
Private Member Business:
Mentioned above
Parliament of India
Members of Parliament:
17th Lok Sabha
No Deputy Speaker:
As of the final year of the term
Sessions, debates, legislation, financial discussions
Limited legislative activity
Minimal budget discussion
Reduced debates
Poor functioning of Question Hour
No discussion on Private Member Bills

The PRS report on the 17th Lok Sabha reveals that it’s likely to be the shortest full-term Lok Sabha since 1952. The session saw limited legislative activity and minimal budget discussion amidst continuous disruptions. Only one bill was passed without discussion, and the proposed expenditure was approved without debate. The Lok Sabha functioned for only 33% of its scheduled time, with poor performance during Question Hour and no discussion on Private Member Bills. Debates in Parliament were significantly reduced, highlighting challenges in legislative efficiency and accountability.

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