Project 15B Stealth Guided Missile Destroyers (Visakhapatnam-Class)

Project 15B Stealth Guided Missile Destroyers (Visakhapatnam-Class) mind map
Recent Developments
INS Visakhapatnam
BrahMos Missile Test-Firing
January and February 2022
Presidential Fleet Review
February 2022
INS Mormugao
BrahMos Missile Test-Firing
May 2023
MRSAM Missile Test
May 2023
INS Imphal
crest of Yard 12706 (Imphal)
Nov 2023
Indian Navy (IN)
Role and significance
Frontline naval warfare
Enhancing maritime security
Previous class
Kolkata-Class (Project 15A)
Basis for Project 15B
Design and Construction
Warship Design Bureau (WDB)
Formerly Directorate of Naval Design
Designing IN's warships
Mazagon Dock Limited (MDL)
Under Make in India initiative
Derivative of Kolkata-Class
Similarities and upgrades
Design plans completed
Incremental alterations
Minimizing development time and costs
Contract signing
28 January 2011
Estimated cost INR 29,643.74 crore
Stealth and Resilience
Radar Cross-Section (RCS) minimization
Enhanced resilience design
Total Atmosphere Control System (TAC)
Operation in nuclear fallout regions
Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) Warfare Protection
Air filtration through NBC filters
Indigenous Component Percentage
72% indigenously sourced components
Battle Damage Control Systems
Improved survivability
Crew Comfort
Ergonomically designed accommodations
Bridge layout
Different from Kolkata-Class
Helicopter Traversing System
Rail-less, for adverse weather conditions
Sonar Equipment Placement
At the bow, contrasting Kolkata-Class
Network-Centric Layout
Ship Data Network (SDN)
Automatic Power Management System (APMS)
Combat Management System (CMS)
Armament and Capabilities
Anti-Surface Warfare (ASuW)
BrahMos Anti-Ship Cruise Missiles
Speeds up to Mach 3
Anti-Air Warfare (AAW)
Barak 8ER Surface-to-Air Missiles
Extended range of about 150 km
Point Defense
AK-630M Close-In Weapon Systems (CIWS)
Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW)
Torpedo Launchers for heavyweight torpedoes
RBU-6000 Anti-Submarine Rocket Launchers
Aviation Facilities
Flight Deck and Hangar
Accommodating medium-sized helicopters
Rail-less Helicopter Traversing System
Defensive Systems
Kavach Anti-Missile Decoy Systems
Neutralizing short-range aerial threats
Radar and Sonar Systems
Primary Radar
IAI EL/M-2248 MF-STAR S-Band AESA Radar
Secondary Radar
Thales LW-08 (BEL RAWL-02) D-Band Radar
BEL HUMSA-NG Active/Passive Sonar
BEL Nagin Active Towed Array Sonar
Electronic Warfare
DRDL Shakthi EW Suite
Electronic Support Measures (ESM)
Electronic Countermeasures (ECM)
Vessels in Class
INS Visakhapatnam
Commissioned on 21 November 2021
INS Mormugao
Commissioned on 18 December 2022
INS Imphal
Delivery in 2023
INS Surat
Commissioning scheduled for 2024

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