Press Sewa Portal

Press Sewa Portal mind map
Recent News
Draft Press and Registration of Periodicals Rules
Released for public consultation
Until February 4, 2024
PRP Act notified
On December 29, 2023
Replaced Press and Registration of Books Act
From 1867
Modernize and streamline
Registration and regulation of periodicals
Increase efficiency
Reduce administrative burden
E-version upload requirement
Within 48 hours of publication
Physical copies submission
To state PIB offices by 5th of following month
Press Registrar General
Authorized for inspections and audits
Online registration
Via Press Sewa Portal
Application fee
Rs. 1,000 for registration
Paid on Bharat Kosh
Applicable in
Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
Press Registrar General
Responsible for regulation
Online application
For registration
Electronic version uploading
Physical delivery
Of publications
Simplified registration process
Faster operations
Transparent procedures
Faceless audit system
Reducing red tape
Concerns raised
By Editors Guild of India
Potential impact
On press freedom
Way Forward
Continuous evaluation
Feedback implementation
During rules implementation

The Press Sewa Portal, introduced under the Press and Registration of Periodicals Act, 2023 by the Indian Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, is a digital platform designed to streamline the registration and regulation of periodicals in India. It mandates publishers to upload e-versions of their publications within 48 hours and submit physical copies monthly to the Press Information Bureau. Aimed at modernizing the process and making it more efficient, the portal also allows for faceless audits and inspections by the Press Registrar General. While it promises operational efficiency and transparency, concerns have been raised about its potential impact on press freedom.

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