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PRERANA Program mind map
Recent News
Launched in January 2024
Week-long residential program
For class IX to XII students
Ministry of Education
Department of School Education & Literacy
Government of India
Vadnagar, Mehsana district, Gujarat
Historic institution since 1888
Empower with leadership qualities
Beyond conventional education
Focus on value-based education
For 20 selected students weekly
Gender balanced participation (10 boys, 10 girls)
Based on NEP 2020 philosophy
Nine themed classrooms
Swabhiman and Vinay
Shaurya and Sahas
Parishram and Samarpan
Karuna and Sewa
Vividhta and Ekta
Satyanishtha and Shuchita
Navachar and Jigyasa
Shraddha and Vishwas
Swatantrata and Kartavya
Additional Activities
Visits to archaeological sites
Cultural exchanges
Understanding India's growth and history
Selection Process
Three-stage process
Focused on class 9-12 students
Accompanied by a guardian teacher
Joyful experiential learning
Includes films, storytelling, games
Crafting, computer skills, 3D printing
Field trips, community interaction
Fosters citizenship and national pride
Encourages enterprise and entrepreneurship
Enhances unity and diversity respect
Practical and holistic education approach
Way Forward
Expansion of program reach
Continuous improvement and feedback
Incorporation of diverse learning methods

The PRERANA program, initiated by India’s Ministry of Education, represents an innovative approach to education for high school students. It’s a week-long residential program based in Vadnagar, Gujarat, focusing on experiential learning and leadership development. This program integrates nine value-based themes into its curriculum, encouraging hands-on activities and technological exposure. Participants are selected through a three-stage process and the program emphasizes holistic development, including cultural exchanges, field trips, and various skill-based activities. PRERANA aims to instill a deep sense of national pride, citizenship, and entrepreneurial spirit in the youth, preparing them for future challenges.

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20% Special Sale Ends Today! Hurry Up!!!