Pench Tiger Reserve AI Fire Detection System

The Pench Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra has introduced an AI-based system named “Pantera” for early forest fire detection. This system, launched on June 26, 2024, uses a PTZ camera installed on a high hill near Kirringisarra village, covering 350 sq km with a 15 km field of view. Pantera integrates high-resolution camera feeds and data from 15 commercial satellites to provide real-time fire alerts within three minutes. It features infrared technology for 24/7 monitoring, differentiating smoke from clouds to reduce false alarms. The system also incorporates weather data for predictive analysis and uses GPS to track firefighting resources, enhancing response efficiency. This initiative, funded by Solar Industries India Ltd. and the Maharashtra government, is a collaborative effort involving the Satpuda Foundation, Umgrameio, and Forest Fire Tech.

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