BharatGPT mind map
Recent News
Launched by
Collaboration with Reliance Jio, IIT Bombay
Launched in 2024
To create India-centric AI
Address linguistic diversity in India
Generative AI
Text, Voice, Video capabilities
Multilingual Support
Over 12 Indian languages
Empowering diverse communication
Omni-Channel Platform
Integration with web, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger
Data Localisation
Data kept within India
Fine-Tuned for Indian Users
Tailored to Indian market and user behavior
Developed and Hosted in India
IIT Bombay
Other IITs and IIITs
IIM Indore
Seetha Mahalaxmi Healthcare (SML)
Key Personalities
Prof. Narendra Ahuja, University of Illinois
Prof. Bhiksha Raj, Carnegie Mellon University
Akash Ambani, Reliance Jio
Saurabh Kumar Chaubey, IIITD Foundation
Utilizes CoRover's Conversational AI platform
Multi-layered NLP approach
Focus on data security and efficiency
Addresses India's language diversity
Data security with localisation
Boost to Indian AI ecosystem
Tailored for Indian context and users
Computational resource demands
Data quality and biases
Domain-specific adaptation
Way Forward
Expansion into various business sectors
Primarily telecom and retail
Integration with Reliance Jio services
Including media, commerce, communication
Development of Indian AI operating systems
E.g., for television

BharatGPT, developed by in collaboration with Reliance Jio and several Indian institutes of technology like IIT Bombay, represents a significant step in India’s journey towards creating a tailored AI ecosystem. This generative AI platform is unique in its multilingual capabilities, supporting over 12 Indian languages, and is fine-tuned specifically for the Indian user base. It stands out for its data localization commitment, ensuring that all data remains within India’s borders, thereby aligning with the country’s data security and privacy norms. BharatGPT is versatile in its application, supporting text, voice, and video, and is designed to cater to diverse sectors, with a particular focus on telecom and retail, fields where Reliance is a key player.

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