NMC Instruction on Digital Signature

Recent news has indicated a significant step taken by the National Medical Commission (NMC) towards ensuring the authenticity and validity of certain crucial documents related to medical education. This initiative aims to thwart fraudulent activities in the medical sector and bring transparency to the system.

Highlights of the NMC Instruction:

Letter of Permission (LoP) and Continuation of Recognition (CoR)

  • Issuance Protocol:
    • These are to be issued by the concerned Board.
    • They must bear the digital signature of the concerned member or president.
  • Validity and Authenticity:
    • Documents signed with the digital signature of the concerned member or president will be treated as genuine.

Role of Dean/Principal

  • Responsibility:
    • Deans and principals of medical colleges are entrusted with the responsibility of taking cognizance of these letters.
    • They must be wary of letters received in any form other than the prescribed digital signature format.

Why this Instruction is Imperative:

Concern Over Fraudulent Activities

  • Alert Notice:
    • There have been alert notices regarding fake LoP and CoR being issued to medical colleges.
    • These fake documents have been released under the name of the president or member of the boards, causing confusion and potentially compromising the integrity of the medical education system.

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The Authority Behind the Instruction:

Origins of the Directive

  • The instructions regarding the use of digital signatures have been circulated by the National Medical Commission (NMC), which underscores the importance and gravity of this directive. copyright©iasexpress.net


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