National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organisation (NOTTO)

National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organisation (NOTTO) mind map
Recent News
Data from NOTTO shows that
between 1995 and 2021
four out of five organ recipients in India were men, 
revealing a significant gender gap in organ transplantation.
Total transplants: 29,000 for men and 6,945 for women.
Living donors: 93% are from living donors, with a majority being women.
Established under
Directorate General of Health Services
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India
Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi
Established in
First director appointed
National Organ Transplant Programme
Initial phase (2010-2012)
Earlier called MOPDO
Scheme NOTP
Originally approved for 2013-2014 to 2016-2017
Revised for 2017
Coordination and networking
For procurement and distribution of organs and tissues
Maintaining registry
Of organs and tissues donation
Of transplantation in India
Maintaining waiting list
Of terminally ill patients requiring transplants
Networking with
Transplant centres
Retrieval centres
Tissue banks
Coordination for activities
Including medico-legal aspects
Matching of recipients with donors
Organizational Structure
Regional Organ and Tissue Transplant Organizations (ROTTOs)
State Organ and Tissue Transplant Organizations (SOTTOs)
Disseminating information
About organ donation
Key Initiatives
Development of Organ Donation Registry
In collaboration with NHA and Ministry of Health
Increasing donation rate
Pre-NOTTO (2013) to Post-NOTTO (2018)
Deceased donors rose from 340 to 875
Total transplants increased from 4990 to 10,340
Registration for organ donation
Over 14 lakh people pledged till 2021
Over 3 lakh people registered online
Significant growth in transplant surgeries
2013: 4,990 transplants
2022: 15,561 transplants
Among rural population
Promoting deceased organ donation
Between donors and recipients
2 lakh persons with kidney failure
50,000 each with heart and liver failure
Future Plans
360-degree approach
Using all communication means
Establishment of retrieval centers
At district hospitals and medical colleges
For transplant surgeons in non-active states
Of allocation policy
Of ICU staff
Conducting workshops
Proposal for air lifting organs
Celebrating National Organ Day
Felicitating donor families
Increasing pledges
Engagement with NGOs and organizations
Training Transplant Coordinators
Sensitizing ICU doctors and staff
Awareness campaigns
In schools and colleges
Coordination with States
Building national registry
Complete data of available organs
List of waiting patients

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