Maritime Infrastructure Perspective Plan 2023-37

The recent unveiling of the “Maritime Infrastructure Perspective Plan 2023-37” at the second edition of the Naval Commanders Conference paints a vivid picture of India’s naval future. It reflects the nation’s aspirations to bolster its maritime prowess, synchronize infrastructure, and embrace the digital age.

This topic of “Maritime Infrastructure Perspective Plan 2023-37” is important from the perspective of the UPSC IAS Examination, which falls under General Studies Portion.


Plan Launch Details

  • Event: Second edition of Naval Commanders Conference
  • Main Highlight: Release of the Maritime Infrastructure Perspective Plan 2023-37
  • Review Undertaken:
    • Scrutinizing decisions made during the first edition
      • Venue: INS Vikrant
      • Date: March 2023

Key Releases

  • Indian Register for Shipping (IRS) Handbook:
    • Purpose: Guides the construction and classification of Naval combatants.
    • Why a Revision?
      • Adapting to modern technological breakthroughs.
      • Embracing ‘Aatmanirbharta’ (self-reliance).
  • Family Logbook:
    • Intended for: Defence civilian personnel associated with the Navy.
    • Nature: A ledger detailing personal financial commitments.
    • Key Data Tracked:
      • Insurance
      • Loans
      • Investments
    • Significance: Acts as a quick reference during emergencies, accidents, or unforeseen incidents.
  • Electronic Service Document Project:
    • Evolution: Pivoting towards digital record-keeping and human resource management of Naval staff.
    • Key Attributes:
      • Efficient
      • Digitalized
      • Centralized
      • Transparent
    • Vision Alignment: Resonates with the Digital India mission.

Plan Core: The Essence

The Blueprint

  • Nature: Indian Navy’s holistic perspective plan framework.
  • Main Goal:
    • Seamlessly integrate and harmonize infrastructure facilities.
  • Duration: The plan stretches over an expansive 15-year timeline.

Implementation Methodology

The Plan Document: A Guided Path

  • Harmony with the Government’s Vision:
    • Advocates the establishment of enduring infrastructure.
  • Mandatory Alignment Elements:
    • PM Gati Shakti initiative
    • Ensuring disaster resilience
    • Aiming for a transition to net zero carbon emissions.

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