Maritime Infrastructure Perspective Plan 2023-37

The recent unveiling of the “Maritime Infrastructure Perspective Plan 2023-37” at the second edition of the Naval Commanders Conference paints a vivid picture of India’s naval future. It reflects the nation’s aspirations to bolster its maritime prowess, synchronize infrastructure, and embrace the digital age.


Plan Launch Details

  • Event: Second edition of Naval Commanders Conference
  • Main Highlight: Release of the Maritime Infrastructure Perspective Plan 2023-37
  • Review Undertaken:
    • Scrutinizing decisions made during the first edition
      • Venue: INS Vikrant
      • Date: March 2023

Key Releases

  • Indian Register for Shipping (IRS) Handbook:
    • Purpose: Guides the construction and classification of Naval combatants.
    • Why a Revision?
      • Adapting to modern technological breakthroughs.
      • Embracing ‘Aatmanirbharta’ (self-reliance).
  • Family Logbook:
    • Intended for: Defence civilian personnel associated with the Navy.
    • Nature: A ledger detailing personal financial commitments.
    • Key Data Tracked:
      • Insurance
      • Loans
      • Investments
    • Significance: Acts as a quick reference during emergencies, accidents, or unforeseen incidents.
  • Electronic Service Document Project:
    • Evolution: Pivoting towards digital record-keeping and human resource management of Naval staff.
    • Key Attributes:
      • Efficient
      • Digitalized
      • Centralized
      • Transparent
    • Vision Alignment: Resonates with the Digital India mission.

Plan Core: The Essence

The Blueprint

  • Nature: Indian Navy’s holistic perspective plan framework.
  • Main Goal:
    • Seamlessly integrate and harmonize infrastructure facilities.
  • Duration: The plan stretches over an expansive 15-year timeline. copyright©

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Implementation Methodology

The Plan Document: A Guided Path

  • Harmony with the Government’s Vision:
    • Advocates the establishment of enduring infrastructure.
  • Mandatory Alignment Elements:
    • PM Gati Shakti initiative
    • Ensuring disaster resilience
    • Aiming for a transition to net zero carbon emissions.


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