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Sudan Crisis – Everything You Need to Know

For the past several months, Sudan has been witnessing nationwide protests, resulting in a military intervention which removed Omar al-Bashir (Sudan’s longtime president) from power, thereby ending his brutal 30-year rule. The protests have been praised for using peaceful methods.Since its independence from the British and Egyptian Colonial Rule in 1956, Sudan has seen famines, sectarian violence, and political crisis. The latest coup removing Bashir from the throne is actually the fifth such forcible takeover of the regime in Sudan.

[Updated] Yemen Civil War – Explained

Yemen, one of the poorest countries in the Arab world, is currently facing a devastating civil war that has caused thousands of deaths and has displaced millions within its territory.

According to the Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), the “severity of needs” is worsening. The situation in Yemen is worse than last year when it was already the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.

Now, the diplomatic tensions between Saudi Arabia and the UAE have worsened the situation in Yemen. The UAE was accused of funding separatists in Yemen. The UAE government denied these allegations.

However, with the Saudi-led led coalition fighting amongst each other and the separatists taking control of many key provinces in Yemen, the conflict is getting worse than ever.

Abraham Accord – All You Need to Know

Israel and the UAE have struck a peace deal to normalise the bilateral ties, with Israel agreeing to suspend its plans to annex West Bank temporarily. This historic agreement is criticised for not addressing the Israel-Palestine issue. However, it created a major geostrategic shift in the Middle East, benefiting countries like India and the US.

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