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Kerala Fibre Optical Network

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The Kerala government officially launched the KFON project.


  • KFON or Kerala Fibre Optical Network seeks to provide high speed broadband internet access to all the houses and government buildings in the state.


  • To reduce digital divide
  • To aid e-governance
  • To aid the state’s transformation into a knowledge-based economy


  • KFON will function as an infrastructure provider, with its 30,000 km long fibre cable network and 375 Points-of-Presence across the state.
  • This infrastructure will be shared with service providers like cable operators.
  • KFON will take care of cable work for government offices. However, individual beneficiaries are to depend on the local private internet service providers.
  • In its 1st stage, the network will cover 30,000 government offices and 14,000 BPL families.
  • With respect to the internet quality:
    • Internet speed: 10 mbps to 10 Gbps.
    • Plans to transition to 4G and 5G, once KFON is connected to mobile towers


  • A flagship project of Kerala government
  • It is a joint venture of:
    • Kerala State Electricity Board
    • Kerala State IIT Infrastructure Limited
  • The project is funded by Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Board.


  • KFON established in 2017.
  • Works started in 2019.


  • Kerala is the 1st state to declare ‘right to internet’ as a basic right.

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