Amrit Bharat Express

Amrit Bharat Express mind map
Launch Date
December 30, 2023
Aimed at Transforming Travel for Common Man
Superfast Express Service
Operated by
Indian Railways
Train Type
Non-AC Sleeper Cum Unreserved Class Service
Designed for
Longer Distances
More Than 800 km
Speed Potential
Maximum 130 kmph
Operating Speed
110-130 kmph
Limited by
Railway Track Speed Capacity
Multiple Stoppages
Traffic Congestion
Total 22 Coaches
Manufactured by
Integral Coach Factory (ICF)
12 Sleeper Class
8 General Unreserved Class
2 Luggage Coaches
CCTV Cameras
Bio-vacuum Toilets
Sensor-based Water Taps
Passenger Information System
Electric Outlets
LED Lights
Mobile Charging Point for Every Seat
Improved Cushioned Luggage Racks
Ergonomically Designed Seats and Berths
Zero-discharge FRP Modular Toilets
Radium Illumination Flooring Strips
Aerosol-based Fire Suppression System
Wide Doors
Special Ramps
Accessible Toilets for Passengers with Special Needs
2 Locomotives
Manufactured by
Chittaranjan Locomotive Works (CLW)
WAP-5 Locomotives
6,000 HP Each
Push-Pull Technology
Comparison with Vande Bharat Express
Amrit Bharat Express
Long Distances (>1000 km)
No Air Conditioning
No On-board Catering
No Automatic Doors
Vande Bharat Express
Medium Distances (500 km average)
Air Conditioning
On-board Catering
Automatic Doors
Inaugural Routes
Bengaluru (Karnataka) to Malda (West Bengal)
Ayodhya (Uttar Pradesh) to Darbhanga (Bihar)
Proposed Services
Sitamarhi to Ayodhya
Mumbai to Jaunpur
Mumbai to Patna
Mumbai to New Delhi
Gomti Nagar to Katra
Gomti Nagar to Mumbai
Gomti Nagar to Puri
Lucknow to New Delhi
Lucknow to Gorakhpur
Lucknow to Varanasi
Patna to New Delhi
Howrah to New Delhi
Hyderabad to New Delhi
Ernakulam to Guwahati
Tambaram to Howrah
Jammu to Chennai
Indian Railways
Integral Coach Factory (ICF)
Chittaranjan Locomotive Works (CLW)
Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Inaugurated Amrit Bharat Express
Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw
Inspected Train at New Delhi Railway Station
Loco-Hauled Configuration
Push-Pull Setup
Engines at Both Ends
Faster Acceleration
Reduced Travel Time
Unique Features
Draped in Vibrant Orange and Grey Hues
Extended Travel Option
Serves Migrant Labour Force
Benefits Long-Distance Travel
Cons and/or Challenges
Speed Limitations
Maximum Permissible Speed
130 Kmph on Fit Sections
Indian Railway Tracks
Not Capable of Supporting 130 Kmph
Trains to Run at 100-110 Kmph on Various Sections

The Amrit Bharat Express, inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on December 30, 2023, is a transformative train service introduced by Indian Railways. Designed primarily for the common man, it offers an economical, no-frills, long-distance travel option with non-AC sleeper and general unreserved coaches. The train, capable of speeds up to 130 kmph, features a unique loco-hauled push-pull configuration, ensuring faster acceleration and reduced travel times. Equipped with modern amenities, including bio-vacuum toilets and mobile charging points, it is set to serve routes connecting major Indian cities over distances greater than 800 km. Despite its many advantages, a notable challenge for the Amrit Bharat Express is the speed limitation due to the current state of most Indian railway tracks, restricting the train to operate at lower speeds on various sections.

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