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JUICE Probe mind map
Setting the Stage with Critical Maneuvers
"Largest and most important manoeuvres"
43-minute burn
Consumed 10% of total fuel reserve
363 kilograms of fuel used
First-of-Its-Kind Flyby
Moon and Earth gravity assist
Initial burn achieved 95% of required velocity change
JUICE’s weight around 6000 kg
Challenges of Gravity Assist
Demands meticulous timing and direction alignment
Achieving slingshot effect
Navigating planet’s gravitational field
What Lies Ahead?
Second smaller maneuver planned
Fine-tune JUICE’s path
Smaller maneuver in May 2024
Final adjustments during approach to Earth
JUICE Mission Overview
Launched on April 14
To study Jupiter and its moons
Equipped with remote sensing, geophysical instruments
Significant observations expected after 2031

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20% Special Sale Ends Today! Hurry Up!!!