Iran Launches Pars-I Remote Sensing Satellite

Iran Launches Pars-I Remote Sensing Satellite mind map
Recent News
Pars-I Remote Sensing Satellite
Launched by Russia
On 29 February 2024
From Vostochny space base
By Soyuz rocket
Orbits at 500 km
Equipped with three cameras
Weighs 134 kg
Other satellites
Launched on 20 January 2024
By Qaim 100 satellite
Remote sensing satellite
Mehda, Kayhan 2, Hatef 1
Launched on 28 January 2024
By Simorgh rocket
Placed in 450 km orbit
First successful multi-satellite launch
Pars 2 and Pars 3
Construction underway
By Electronic Industries Organization and Space Research Institute
Pars 2 in construction phase
Pars 3 in preliminary design phase
Previous launches
Launched on 27 September 2023
By Qassed launcher
To 450 km orbit
Weighs 24 kg
Resolution between 6 to 4.8 meters
Pars-I launched on 29 February 2024
To scan Iran's topography
Enhance remote sensing capabilities
Remote sensing satellite
Equipped with three cameras
Weighs 134 kg
Pars 2 and Pars 3 satellites
Advanced imaging and remote sensing capabilities
Part of Iran's 10-year space vision plan
Launched from Vostochny space base, Russia
Orbits at 500 km altitude
Iranian Space Agency
Electronic Industries Organization
Space Research Institute
Launched by Russian Soyuz rocket
Enhances Iran's remote sensing capabilities
Supports topographical scanning
Advances Iran's civilian space program
International sanctions
Previous launch failures
Way Forward
Continued development of remote sensing satellites
Plans for Pars 2 and Pars 3
Launch of additional satellites into LEOs

Iran has successfully launched the Pars-I Remote Sensing Satellite into a 500 km orbit using a Russian Soyuz rocket from the Vostochny space base. This satellite, equipped with three cameras, is part of Iran’s efforts to enhance its remote sensing capabilities and scan the country’s topography. In addition to Pars-I, Iran has been advancing its space program with the construction of Pars 2 and Pars 3 satellites, aiming to launch several satellites into low Earth orbits (LEOs) in the coming months. Despite facing international sanctions and previous launch failures, Iran’s space endeavors, including the successful launch of other satellites like Soraya, Mehda, Kayhan 2, and Hatef 1, signify its commitment to developing a robust civilian space program​​​​.

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