Do dead stars crash with the light of 500 million suns?

Do dead stars crash with the light of 500 million suns? upsc notes
Source: TH
Context: Astrophysicists studying origins
And nature of fast radio bursts
Recent findings suggest triggers
Collision of two neutron stars
Releases gravitational waves and FRBs
What are Fast radio bursts (FRBs)?
Brief and intense bursts of radio waves
Originate from deep space
Highly energetic and brief
Study sheds light on intense radio light
In the host galaxies of some FRBs
Findings have implications for gravitational-wave astronomy
Suggests future radio telescopes could provide insights
With gravitational-wave observatories
Such as Square Kilometre Array and upcoming LISA
What are Radio waves?
A form of electromagnetic radiation
With long wavelengths and low frequencies
Significance in astronomy
Role in studying celestial objects and phenomena
Observe objects not visible in other wavelengths
Such as galaxies, pulsars, quasars, and cosmic microwave background radiation

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