Investor Education and Protection Fund Authority

Recent news has spotlighted the 7th Foundation Day of the Investor Education and Protection Fund Authority (IEPFA). This authority has been pivotal in its endeavors related to investor education and protection, most recently holding a significant conference on understanding the psychological dynamics of scams.

This topic of “Investor Education and Protection Fund Authority” is important from the perspective of the UPSC IAS Examination, which falls under General Studies Portion.

News Highlights

7th Foundation Day of IEPFA

  • Celebrated the achievements and advancements made since its inception.

Conference on “Understanding the Psychology of Scams”

  • Organized By:
    • Investor Education and Protection Fund Authority (IEPFA)
    • Institute of Company Secretaries in India (ICSI)
    • National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER)
  • This conference sought to demystify the underlying factors and manipulative tactics prevalent in financial scams.

Core Purpose

Authority for Administering the Investor Education and Protection Fund

  • Refunds Related To:
    • Shares
    • Unclaimed dividends
    • Matured instruments such as:
      • Deposits
      • Debentures


  • The IEPFA operates under the umbrella of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Historical Overview

  • Establishment Date: September 7, 2016
  • It has been serving the public and investors consistently for the past seven years.

Special Initiatives

“Fundoo-nomics”- A Board Game

  • By: IEPFA’s Media & Awareness wing
  • Foundation:
    • Based on the findings from IIT Delhi’s Department of Management.
  • Purpose:
    • Enhance IEPFA’s on-ground activities.
    • Act as an interactive tool for various events and programs.
  • Main Goals:
    • Simplify complex financial concepts.
    • Promote financial literacy:
      • Catering to various age groups, from youngsters to elders.

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