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[Article] Climate Refugees – A Looming Crisis

Climate change has become a burning issue that needs immediate attention and further action. Climate change is causing drought, coral reef bleaching, more powerful storms and sea-level rise. With the rise in climate change disasters, the number of people is rising who are choosing to leave their homelands to escape climate-related economic issues and health hazards. But the question arises that where they would settle? Even if they settle somewhere, how will they survive? What will be their identity and legal status? Will they be treated at par with the general citizens? All these fundamental questions point to a looming crisis that is yet to take a form of a full-blown global humanitarian issue. It is time that the issue is carefully looked into and discussed in detail to reach an effective solution soon.

UNHCR, CAA & Sovereignty Issue – All You Need to Know

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCHR) had filed an intervention application in the Supreme Court over the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA). The CAA, which was passed by the Indian Parliament in December, aims to hasten citizenship for persecuted minorities from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, leaving out the possibility of India giving citizenship to persecuted Muslims from these countries. Fears that this Act, along with plans to create a National Register of Citizens, could strip Indian Muslims of their citizenship have led to protests across the country. In this context, the UNHCHR seeks to intervene as amicus curiae (third party) in the petitions against CAA that is pending before the apex court.

Indian Foreign Policy in the Time of Pandemic

At a time when the whole world is battling the deadly COVID-19 crisis and when the virus has become the biggest story in the world of diplomacy, it has become important to look at how India is playing the game of diplomacy and shaping its foreign policy to meet its own demanding needs. The world witnessed a lot of change in its foreign policy approaches and many established bonds have been broken. It is a time when the world is witnessing heightened tensions among some nations while some transformed this into an opportunity for themselves. India has both hard realities to face and at the same time has ample opportunities to rise as a world leader. It thus becomes important to see how India is dealing with the present crisis and transforms it into an opportunity in the foreign policy domain.

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