India’s Guidelines for Advertisements Making Environmental/Green Claims

India's Guidelines for Advertisements Making Environmental/Green Claims mind map
Recent News:
Announced: 2024
Effective Date: 15 February 2024
Indian Context: Yes
Public Consultation: Since 16 November 2023
Approval: Recent Board Meeting
Consumer Demand: For green products
Prevent Greenwashing: Misleading environmental claims
Absolute Claims:
Need: Substantiation with robust data
No Dilution: Using disclaimers or clarificatory mechanisms
Comparative Claims:
Evidence: Required for environmental benefits
Clear Basis: Of comparison
Full Life Cycle:
Basis: For general environmental claims
Limits: Must be clear
Product Specificity:
Specify: Whether claim refers to product, packaging, service, or part
Misleading Absence:
Avoid: Misleading by highlighting absence of common ingredients
Free-of Claims:
Disclaimer: If necessary, to indicate purpose
Clarity: On what attributes evaluated
Accreditation: By recognized authority
Visual Elements:
Avoid: False impressions of environmental benefits
Aspirational Claims:
Requirement: Clear, actionable plans
Carbon Offset Claims:
Disclosure: If offset not within two years
Compostable/Biodegradable Claims:
Substantiation: With scientific evidence
ASCI: Advertising Standards Council of India
Role: Issued guidelines
Manisha Kapoor:
Position: CEO and Secretary-General of ASCI
Statement: Importance of correct information for consumers
Enforcement: By ASCI
Consumer Awareness: Ensuring informed choices
Transparency: In green claims
Accountability: For advertisers
Consumer Protection: From misleading claims
Implementation: Ensuring adherence
Verification: Robustness of claims
Way Forward:
Continued Oversight: By ASCI
Public Awareness: About guidelines

India’s Guidelines for Advertisements Making Environmental/Green Claims, introduced by the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI), aim to ensure transparency and prevent misleading environmental claims in advertising, commonly known as greenwashing. These guidelines, effective from February 15, 2024, require advertisers to make reliable, verifiable, and transparent claims about the environmental impact of their products or services. The guidelines cover various aspects such as absolute and comparative claims, full life cycle of products, specificity of claims, certifications, and visual elements in advertisements. They represent a significant step towards promoting honesty and accountability in environmental claims in the Indian advertising sector.

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