India’s Bioeconomy Challenges

India's Bioeconomy Challenges upsc notes
Bioeconomy growth lack of funding and policy support
Bioeconomy Definition
Economic activity
Biotechnology and biomass use
Production of goods, services, energy
India's Bioeconomy
DBT's Bioeconomy Report 2022
2.6% contribution to GDP
Prediction of 5% of GDP by 2030
Funding for DBT
0.0001% of India's GDP
Lack of risk-taking policies
Lack of biotechnology policy alignment
Case Study
Genetically Engineered (GE) Insects Guidelines
Uncertainty of purpose
GE insect applications
Human and livestock health
Crop management
Standard of living improvement
Disease burden reduction
Food security enablement
Environment conservation
Absence of approved GE insect purposes
Uncertainty for researchers
Guidelines applicable to research only
Trials approval from Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee
GE insects can't be recalled post-deployment
Uncertainty of ambit
Standard operating procedures for GE mosquitoes, crop pests, beneficial insects
Lack of clarity on beneficial GE insects
Way Forward
Private funding attraction for biotechnology R&D
Biotechnology policy revision for economic significance
Importance of biotechnology for pandemic preparedness

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