India-New Zealand Deal on Civil Aviation

The recent Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between India and New Zealand in the realm of civil aviation marks a significant step forward in bilateral cooperation.

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Strengthening Civil Aviation Bonds

A Momentous Agreement

The MoU between India and New Zealand signals a commitment to enhance collaboration in the domain of civil aviation, creating new avenues for connectivity and partnership.

Forging a New Path

This memorandum aims to establish an enriched framework of cooperation in civil aviation, paving the way for joint efforts and mutual benefits.

Highlights of the Agreement

Expanding Aviation Horizons

The MoU encompasses various dimensions, including:

  • Flight Routes: The agreement facilitates the establishment of fresh flight routes, fostering increased connectivity.
  • Code-Share Services: Both nations can engage in code-share services, promoting seamless travel options for passengers.
  • Traffic Rights and Capacity Entitlements: Enhanced traffic rights and capacity entitlements empower airlines to operate with more flexibility.

A Glimpse at Specific Provisions

  • New Zealand’s Privileges: New Zealand’s designated airlines can operate unrestricted flights using any aircraft type. They hold third and fourth freedom traffic rights to/from six key Indian cities, including New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Kolkata.
  • Indian Airlines’ Advantages: Indian airlines can operate unlimited flights using any aircraft type, enjoying third and fourth freedom traffic rights to/from significant locations in New Zealand.
  • Unlimited All-Cargo Flights: The MoU also permits airlines from both nations to conduct unlimited all-cargo flights, leveraging third, fourth, and fifth freedom traffic rights.

Pivotal Facts

The Journey to Collaboration

The roots of this significant agreement trace back to a crucial Air Services Agreement formalized between New Zealand and India in Auckland on May 1, 2016. Building on this foundation, the governments of both nations embarked on a comprehensive evaluation of the existing air travel connectivity agreements.

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