India and Kenya Sign 5 Pacts

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Key points from the mind map:

  • India and Kenya Sign 5 Pacts: Signed on December 5, 2023, these pacts are a continuation of the countries’ ongoing collaboration.
  • India’s Role: Led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India extended significant financial support for Kenya’s agricultural sector and SMEs, and committed to building a cancer hospital in Kenya.
  • Kenya’s Contributions: Under President William Samoei Ruto, Kenya offered land for cultivation to Indian companies and invited further investments in various sectors, emphasizing healthcare and pharmaceuticals.
  • Areas of Collaboration: The pacts cover diverse fields including agriculture, defense, health, trade, and investment. Additional focus areas include sports, education, and digital solutions.
  • Financial Commitments: India announced a USD 250 million line of credit for Kenya’s agriculture and a USD 44.95 million line of credit for SMEs and textiles.
  • Defense and Security: Both countries are working on military exercises, capacity building, linking defense industries, and pushing for reforms in the United Nations Security Council.
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals: Both nations are focusing on enhancing health infrastructure in Kenya and promoting Indian investments in medical equipment and pharmaceuticals.
  • Trade and Investment: Economic engagement includes using local currencies for trade and financing development projects. India commits to sharing its digital public infrastructure achievements with Kenya.
  • Counter-Terrorism Cooperation: Both nations recognize terrorism as a significant global challenge and are committed to intensifying their counter-terrorism efforts.
  • Maritime Engagement: A joint vision document was unveiled to enhance maritime engagement in the Indian Ocean region.

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