Central Electricity Authority (CEA) – Objectives & Functions

Purpose: The Central Electricity Authority (CEA) is an apex body in India that looks after the development of the power sector in India.

Year of Establishment:

  • 1951 – as part-time body
  • 1975 – made full-time body

Ministry: Ministry of Power
Statutory/Constitutional Status: CEA is established by the Government of India under Section 3 of the Electricity Supply Act, 1948.

This topic of “Central Electricity Authority (CEA) – Objectives & Functions” is important from the perspective of the UPSC IAS Examination, which falls under General Studies Portion.


  1. To promote the efficient development of electricity in India and to ensure the development of the same in an integrated, economical and coordinated manner.
  2. To advise the Central Government on matters related to the generation, transmission, distribution and supply of electricity and other matters connected therewith.
  3. To ensure the reliable, economical and consistent supply of electricity in the country.
  4. To promote the efficient utilization of electricity by the State Governments and to advise the State Governments on matters relating to electricity.
  5. To provide technical advice to the State Governments and the Central Government on matters relating to the planning and development of the power sector.
  6. To review the policies, programmes and plans of the State Governments and the Central Government relating to the power sector.
  7. To undertake research and development activities related to the power sector.

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