Digital Agriculture – All You Need to Know

Reading Time: 13 mins Historically, agriculture has undergone a series of revolutions that have driven efficiency, yield and profitability to levels that were previously unreachable. The market estimates suggest that the next decade would witness a “digital agricultural revolution” that would help meet the needs of the agricultural sector. With the majority of the Indian population employed under the sector, efforts need to be put forth in addressing barriers that are currently hindering the adoption of digital technologies within this sector.

Food Wastage in India – An Alarming Rise

Reading Time: 8 mins With the threat of climate change and the subsequent impact of it on the monsoon patterns and agricultural output, all stakeholders must mitigate food waste by employing new practices at multiple levels. At a time when it was reported that migrants died due to hunger and starvation during the lockdown period in April and May 2020, The data revealed recently highlights that over 1,550 tonnes of food grains got damaged in Food Corporation of India (FCI) warehouses.

Pesticide usage in India – Issues and Solutions

Reading Time: 11 mins The government’s recent proposal to ban 27 pesticides in India has garnered both support and opposition from various segments of the society. It is being welcomed by several exporters (like spice exporters) and is seen as a long-pending implementation of the Anupam Verma Committee recommendations. On the other hand, pesticide manufacturers are threatening to take the government to the court over this move. This proposal is significant given the danger to farmers’ income posed by invading pests like the fall army worm and more recently, locusts.

Contract Farming in India: objectives, Advantages, Disadvantages

Reading Time: 8 mins The third tranche of economic measures made significant hints towards contract farming and related policy initiatives. After various state governments taking various steps related to agricultural marketing, the central government has brought an ordinance on contract farming making it legal to sell farm produce beyond traditional APMCs and undergo contract farming.

Role of Food Corporation of India (FCI) amidst Pandemic – Explained (updated)

Reading Time: 5 mins The nationwide lockdown since March 25, 2020 can potentially create food shortages and hunger issues for more than 2/3rd of the Indian population which relies on the public distribution system for affordable food. The Food Corporation of India hence becomes an important institution that can provide for this needy population during the lockdown period when all the economic activity is at standstill.

National Agriculture Market (e-NAM): Objectives, Working, Advantages, Challenges

Reading Time: 7 mins National Agriculture Market (e-NAM) has recently been updated with two new software so that farmers need not have to travel a long distance to sell their harvest. Through the new updates, the farmers will be able to access buyers through the mobile software from the nearest warehouses and will be able to connect to the e-NAM from their own collection centres. Currently, e-NAM faces several issues due to both the lack of cooperation from the local governments and parties involved and also due to the limitations in the availability of supportive infrastructures.