Supply Chain Resilience Initiative – Need, Challenges, Way Ahead

Reading Time: 12 mins With the coronavirus pandemic and the US-China trade tensions threatening the global supply chain, Japan had called for a tripartite Supply Chain Resilience Initiative (SCRI), with India and Australia as other two partners. The three countries have decided to launch the initiative to build resilient supply chains in the Indo-Pacific region later this year.

Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (Quad) – For Free & Open Indo-Pacific [Updated]

Reading Time: 9 mins Quad Plus, which includes Quad countries along with South Korea, New Zealand and Vietnam, initiated weekly video conferences since March 20 to discuss the common issues pertaining to COVID-19 pandemic. These discussions have brought Quad back into focus as one of the important groupings in the Indo-Pacific. While the expansion of the alliance to ensure international cooperation to deal with this crisis a step in the right direction, the ultimate objective of countering China’s aggression has been put on the backburner though Beijing has increased its hostility in the South China Sea and Sino-Indian borders.

India-Japan Relations: Evolution, Challenges & Recent Developments

Reading Time: 9 mins In recent years, the bilateral ties between India and Japan have been enhanced exponentially due to various mutual interests that arose because of the changing global politics. The recently held 2+2 ministerial meeting between the two nations is one of the very many examples of India’s growing diplomatic relationship with Japan.