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Green Hydrogen Standard for India

In a groundbreaking development, India has taken a monumental step towards a sustainable energy future by announcing its Green Hydrogen Standard. This significant move, recently notified by the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, establishes a comprehensive framework for classifying hydrogen derived from renewable sources as ‘Green.’

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Grasping the Essentials of the Standard

Defining Green through Emission Thresholds

At the heart of the Green Hydrogen Standard lies the establishment of emission thresholds. To be categorized as ‘Green,’ hydrogen must be produced from renewable sources, thereby reducing its carbon footprint.

Scope of the Definition

The standard encompasses two primary methods of hydrogen production:

  • Electrolysis-based hydrogen production
  • Biomass-based hydrogen production

Cracking the Green Hydrogen Code

The Green Hydrogen definition is quantified through well-to-gate emission measurements, which should not exceed 2 kg CO2 equivalent per kg H2. This comprehensive calculation includes every step of the production process, from water treatment and electrolysis to gas purification, drying, and hydrogen compression.

Methodology for Rigorous Compliance

The Ministry of New & Renewable Energy has outlined a detailed methodology for measuring, reporting, monitoring, verifying, and certifying the greenness of hydrogen production processes. This framework ensures a consistent and standardized approach across the industry.

Nodal Authority for Accreditation

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), operating under the Ministry of Power, has been designated as the nodal authority for accrediting agencies involved in monitoring, verification, and certification of Green Hydrogen production projects. This role ensures credibility and integrity in the assessment process.

Clarity and Long-Awaited Notification

The introduction of the Green Hydrogen Standard provides much-needed clarity to the burgeoning Green Hydrogen community in India. The notification was widely anticipated and has now brought a definitive framework to the realm of hydrogen production.

The Far-reaching Significance

India’s Position among Pioneers

India’s declaration of the Green Hydrogen Standard places it among the first few nations to formally define and regulate hydrogen production based on its environmental impact. This pioneering stance underscores India’s commitment to sustainable energy practices.

A Boost to Progress

The standard’s introduction is expected to provide a significant boost to India’s National Green Hydrogen Mission. By establishing a clear and recognized benchmark, the standard accelerates progress towards the mission’s goals, encouraging investment and innovation in the green hydrogen sector.

The Driving Force Behind the Standard

Ministry of New & Renewable Energy

The Ministry of New & Renewable Energy has emerged as the driving force behind the Green Hydrogen Standard. With its visionary approach, the ministry has paved the way for India’s transition to a greener and more sustainable energy landscape.

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