Global TB Report 2023

Global TB Report 2023 mind map
  WHO annual report since 1997
  Global Tuberculosis Report 2023
    comprehensive assessment
      TB epidemic
      prevention progress
      diagnosis progress
      treatment progress
      at levels
    data sourced from national health ministries
      192 countries
      over 99% of world’s population and TB cases
  Report findings
    TB as second leading death cause
      from single infectious agent
    net reduction
      8.7% from 2015 to 2022
      far from 50% reduction milestone by 2025
    COVID-related disruptions
      half a million excess deaths in 2020–2022
    treatment success rates improved
      88% for drug-susceptible TB
      63% for MDR/RR-TB
  India specific findings
    infected population
      28.2 lakh in 2022
      1 person every 11 seconds
    contribution to global burden
      27% of total TB cases
    reporting of TB cases
      increase to 24.2 lakh in 2022
    treatment coverage
      increased to 80%
      among 4 countries to achieve in high-burden list
    TB mortality contribution
      reduced from 36% to 26% in 2022
    completed National TB prevalence survey
    current case rate
      199 new cases per lakh population

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