Floor Test in Legislature

Floor Test in Legislature mind map
Recent News
Supreme Court Verdict
Maharashtra Political Crisis
Involving Uddhav Thackeray
Speaker's Decision Questioned
Governor's Floor Test Directive
Shiv Sena Crisis
Uddhav Faction vs Shinde Faction
Internal Party Disputes
Floor Test as a Resolution Mechanism
Triggered During Political Crises
Specifically in Maharashtra Case
Recent Judgments and Directives
To Ensure Majority Support
Prevent Horse Trading
Uphold Democratic Values
Floor Test Explained
Majority Confirmation
Conducted in Legislative Assembly
Constitutional Basis
Articles 175(2) and 163
Tenth Schedule Importance
Supreme Court Guidelines
Procedure for Speaker
Judicial Review Possibility
Role in Internal Party Conflicts
In Legislative Assemblies
Maharashtra Case Study
Involved Parties
Uddhav Thackeray
Eknath Shinde
Governor's Role
Supreme Court's Intervention
Speaker of Legislative Assembly
Discretionary Powers
Judicial Oversight
Voting Procedure
Immediate Implementation
Role of Whip and Party Leader
Upholds Majority Principle
Ensures Political Stability
Protects Democratic Process
Potential for Political Manipulation
Intra-Party Conflicts
Judicial Intervention Dilemmas
Way Forward
Clearer Legal Framework
Strengthening Democratic Institutions
Resolving Internal Party Issues

A floor test in a legislature is a procedure used to determine whether the executive (government) enjoys the support of the majority of legislators. It is typically conducted through a vote in the legislative assembly. This mechanism becomes crucial during political crises, such as the recent one in Maharashtra, India, involving factions within the Shiv Sena party. The floor test is intended to uphold democratic values by ensuring that the government has the majority support necessary to govern effectively. It helps prevent political instability and practices like horse trading. The role of the Speaker and the Governor, along with guidelines from the Supreme Court, play a significant role in the process and outcome of a floor test.

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