EU Common Ethics Body

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The EU Commission has proposed a common ethics body for EU officials.


  • It is a proposed common body that would frame common rules of conduct for institutions under the EU.


  • The proposal comes after the Qatargate controversy i.e. a cash-for-influence scandal that affected the EU Parliament last year.
  • EU doesn’t have any comprehensive lobbying regulation at present.


  • The common rules of conduct would apply to EU officials with regards to acceptance of:
    • Gifts
    • Hospitality
    • Travel
    • Awards
    • Decorations
    • Prizes
    • Honours, etc.
  • It would set transparency rules to guide
    • Meetings with interest representatives
    • EU officials’ activities after leaving their office
    • Officials’ declaration of assets and interests
  • However, it wouldn’t have any investigating powers.


  • It would be chaired by the participating institutions on a rotating basis.
  • It would involve 5 independent experts.
  • The rules would cover lobbying activities in:
    • European Commission
    • European Council
    • European Parliament
    • European Central Bank
    • European Court of Justice
    • European Court of Auditors
    • Economic and Social Committee
    • Committee of the Regions


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