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China’s Global Security Initiative – Need, Objectives, Imperatives, and How it targets the QUAD.

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Context: A new Global Security Initiative put forward recently by Chinese President Xi Jinping will look to counter the U.S. Indo-Pacific strategy and the Quad — the India, U.S., Australia, Japan grouping.

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This topic of “China’s Global Security Initiative – Need, Objectives, Imperatives, and How it targets the QUAD.” is important from the perspective of the UPSC IAS Examination, which falls under General Studies Portion.

What is this initiative about?

  • Recently the Chinese President proposed a Global Security Initiative to stay committed to the vision of common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security,” It would “oppose unilateralism, and say no to group politics and bloc confrontation.”
  • According to him, this would “oppose the wanton use of unilateral sanctions and long-arm jurisdiction”, appearing to refer to Western sanctions.
  • According to the Chinese Foreign Minister, this major initiative clearly answers the question of what kind of security concept the world needs, and how countries can achieve common security. It gives full visibility to the internationalism and leadership of the world’s peaceful development community, offers China’s wisdom to make up for the human peace deficit, and provides China’s solutions to the international security challenge.
  • He adds further that this major initiative responds to the urgent need for the international community to preserve world peace and prevent conflict.

What are the six imperatives of this initiative?

The initiative is based on the central tenet of “six imperatives”.

  • Adherence to a common, united, cooperative and sustainable vision of security.
  • Respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries.
  • Adherence to the purposes and principles of the Constitution of the United Nations.
  • The importance of the legitimate security concerns of all countries.
  • The peaceful resolution of differences and disputes between countries through dialogue.
  • The maintenance of traditional and non-traditional security.

The “six insistents” are connected to each other and respond to each other, both in terms of the macro-thinking of the top-level design and the way to solve practical problems, and are evidence of a single organic whole.

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How it is targeting the QUAD?

Asian NATO:

  • Recently, China’s Foreign Minister proposed in an article penned by him that this security initiative would “oppose” what he called “the destruction of the international order under the banner of so-called ‘rules’ and the dragging of the world under the cloud of the ‘new cold war’”, and would “build an Asian security model of mutual respect, openness and integration”.
  • China’s Foreign had also taken aim at the Quad recently, suggesting that the grouping was equivalent to the “Five Eyes” intelligence alliance involving Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the U.S. and U.K. and the AUKUS pact, as a key element in what he called U.S. plans to build an “Asian NATO”.
  • He added further that China firmly oppose the use of the ‘Indo-Pacific’ strategy to divide the region and create a ‘new Cold War’, and the use of military alliances to put together an ‘Asian version of NATO.

Stand of Quad:

  • The members of the Quad have rejected the notion that it is an Asian NATO or a military alliance, and pointed to its broad-based cooperation, including on vaccines and technology.


  • According to China, the Initiative is yet another global public good offered by it and a vivid illustration of the vision of a community with a shared future for mankind in the security field.
  • Nevertheless, it had branded the QUAD as an emerging “Asian NATO” and this initiative will look to counter the U.S. Indo-Pacific strategy and the Quad.
  • For the current Chinese leadership, the 21st century is destined to be China’s alone. This can be seen also as yet another step to secure the same.

Practice Question for Mains

  1. The recent Global security initiative of China is rooted in its intention to counter the Asian NATO – The QUAD in particular. Examine. (250 Words, 15 Marks).
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