Dakshin Gangotri and MH-1718

The Indian Antarctic Program, established in 1981, made significant strides by setting up Dakshin Gangotri, India’s first scientific research station in Antarctica. This station was later succeeded by the Maitri and Bharati stations as part of India’s continued presence and research efforts on the continent. The recent introduction of the PIN code MH-1718, uniquely assigned to these remote outposts, facilitates postal services for research personnel, making these stations part of the Goa postal division and symbolizing India’s sovereignty in Antarctica. This initiative not only enhances India’s scientific contributions but also serves a strategic geopolitical purpose under the Antarctic Treaty System. Additionally, a second post office was recently opened at the Bharati research station, and the new PIN code MH-1718 was introduced to streamline operations and communications between India’s Antarctic bases and the mainland. This development underlines the strategic importance of maintaining a robust presence in Antarctica, supported by the National Centre for Polar and Ocean Research in Goa. The post offices serve operational needs and have cultural significance, providing a means for researchers to send physical mail, a practice cherished for its personal touch compared to digital communication.

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