Dadi Prakashmani

In recent news, a postage stamp has been released by the President to commemorate the 16th death anniversary of Dadi Prakashmani, the former chief of the Brahma Kumaris spiritual organization. This recognition is a tribute to her profound impact on spirituality and global peace.

This topic of “Dadi Prakashmani” is important from the perspective of the UPSC IAS Examination, which falls under General Studies Portion.

Dadi Prakashmani: A Guiding Light of Spirituality

Who Was Dadi Prakashmani

Dadi Prakashmani, also affectionately known as Dadi Kumarka or Rama, was a prominent figure in the spiritual realm. She was the former chief of the Brahma Kumaris, an influential spiritual organization that has left an indelible mark on the world.

A Legacy of Notable Achievements

Dadi Prakashmani’s life was marked by numerous remarkable achievements, showcasing her deep commitment to spirituality and global harmony.

  • Delegation Leader: In 1954, she led a delegation to the Second World Religious Congress in Japan, demonstrating her leadership in fostering interfaith dialogue and understanding.
  • Promotion of RajYoga Meditation: Dadi Prakashmani played a pivotal role in promoting RajYoga meditation in various countries, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Her efforts helped spread the practice of meditation and inner peace across borders.
  • ‘Million Minutes of Peace’ Appeal: In 1986, she organized the ‘Million Minutes of Peace’ appeal in collaboration with the United Nations during the International Year of Peace. This initiative highlighted her dedication to global harmony and unity.

Recognitions and Awards

Dadi Prakashmani’s contributions were widely acknowledged through prestigious awards and honors:

  • She was awarded the UN International Year of Peace Medal in 1986, a testament to her dedication to fostering peace on a global scale.
  • Her exceptional service was further recognized when she received the ‘Dharma Ratna’ award from the World Religious Parliament, cementing her status as a beacon of spiritual wisdom.

The Life and Birthplace of Dadi Prakashmani

Birth and Early Years

Dadi Prakashmani was born in 1922 in Hyderabad, Sindh, which is now part of Pakistan. Her early life was marked by a strong inclination towards spirituality, and this journey would later lead her to become a prominent spiritual leader.

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