Copernicus Program

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Copernicus Program celebrates its 25th anniversary today.


  • It is the earth observation component of the EU Space Program.
  • Earlier known as GMES/ Global Monitoring for Environment and Security Program.


  • Integrates data from satellite sources (i.e. Sentinel satellites) and non-satellite sources including measurement systems- ground-based, airborne and seaborne.
  • Designed to provide data on the environment, to aid:
    • Sectors like agriculture
    • Climate change understanding
    • Disaster management
    • Urban planning, etc.


  • Implemented by European Commission, with the support of
    • European Space Agency- for space component
    • European Environment Agency- for the in situ component
  • Also involves:
    • European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites/ EUMETSAT
    • European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts/ ECMWF
    • Mercator Océan
    • Other EU Agencies
  • Named after the 15th century Polish scientist, Nicolaus Copernicus- he proposed the heliocentric universe model i.e. that the sun is at the centre.


  • Launched on June 8th, 1988.


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