Boita Bandana

Boita Bandana mind map
Traditional Odia festival
Celebrated in Odisha, India
Also known as Danga Bhasa
Commemorates maritime heritage
Remembrance of Sadhabas
Ancient Odia mariner merchants
Voyages to Southeast Asia and Sri Lanka
Ritualistic homage to ancestors
Means larger boats and ships
Linked to Kalinga's maritime trade
Derived from Vandana (Sanskrit)
Implies worship with lighted lamp
Danga Bhasa
Means 'the floating of boats'
Historical context
Kalinga's maritime tradition
Powerful maritime power
Trade links with Southeast Asia and beyond
Regions included
Bali, Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam (Champa region)
Era of voyages
3rd century BC
During Maurya empire's reign
Maritime routes
Utilized monsoon winds
Northeast monsoon
Southwest monsoon
Ocean currents for navigation
Rituals and practices
Celebrated on Kartik Purnima
Full moon day in Kartika (Odia calendar)
Assembling near water bodies
Rivers, ponds, tanks, sea shore
Floating miniature boats
Made of paper, banana bark, cork
Decorated with
Betel nut
Betel leaves
Lit diyas (lamps)
Worship rituals
Symbolic gesture of sea voyage
Associated traditions
Bali Jatra
Major commemoration
Held at Gadagadia Ghata, Cuttack
On Mahanadi river banks
Ta'apoi folktale
Reflects anxieties of merchant families
Basis for Khudurukuni Osha festival
Practiced by unmarried girls
Fast in Bhadraba month
For brothers' and future husbands' well-being
Aa Ka Ma Bai phrase
Linked to offerings and blessings
Refers to sacred months of voyages
Asadha, Kartika, Magha, Baisakha
Recent events (2023)
Attended by President of India
Smt Droupadi Murmu
Paradip Port, Odisha
Inauguration of new projects
Multi Model Logistic Park
New reservoir and water treatment plant
Signal stations with VTMIS
Vessel Traffic Management and Information System
Emphasis on port infrastructure
Strengthening for maritime safety

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