BlueWalker 3

The BlueWalker 3 satellite has recently made headlines due to concerns regarding its interference with astronomical studies.

This topic of “BlueWalker 3” is important from the perspective of the UPSC IAS Examination, which falls under General Studies Portion.

BlueWalker 3: Unveiling the Satellite


BlueWalker 3 is a satellite designed primarily for cellular broadband communication.


The primary purpose of BlueWalker 3 is to serve as a test satellite, experimenting with new technologies and capabilities.



  • It boasts an extensive size, covering an area of 693 square feet.
  • Notably, its reflectivity is a significant concern, as larger objects reflect more sunlight back to Earth.


  • BlueWalker 3 features a phased-array antenna capable of generating power from space.
  • Its primary function is to deliver cellular broadband directly to mobile phones, potentially revolutionizing communication capabilities.



  • The satellite’s brightness is comparable to some of the brightest stars in the sky, including those in the Canis Minor and Eridanus constellations.


  • Astronomers have raised concerns about BlueWalker 3’s brightness, as it poses difficulties for their observations.
  • Ground-based telescopes are particularly affected, hindering their ability to observe the night sky effectively.

BlueWalker 3: Launch and Impact

Launch Date

BlueWalker 3 was launched on September 10, 2022, marking its entry into Earth’s orbit.


Satellite Launch Trend

  • BlueWalker 3 is part of a larger trend, with 16 other companies also filing intent with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the United States to launch satellite constellations.
  • The cumulative plan across these companies involves launching over 400,000 satellites into space.

Expected Impact

  • The proliferation of satellites like BlueWalker 3 could significantly alter the appearance of the night sky, affecting the visibility of celestial objects and potentially disrupting astronomical research and observations.

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