Bedaquiline upsc notes
Source: The Wire
A significant breakthrough
An agreement 
reached between
Nonprofit Global Drug Facility
Johnson & Johnson
Distribution of generic versions of bedaquiline
In most low and middle-income countries
About TB
Caused by bacteria
Primarily affects the lungs
Can also impact other parts of the body
Spreads through the air
When an infected person coughs or sneezes
A treatable but deadly infectious disease
Causes 1.5 million deaths annually
Bedaquiline has shown high success
In treating drug-resistant TB
Patent held by Johnson & Johnson
Significance of the agreement
Affordable access to the drug
Enabled by the agreement
Generic manufacturers in India expected to offer at an 80% lower price
To end TB
Tender for bedaquiline to be launched soon
Improved accessibility and affordability of the drug
Brings hope for global efforts to eliminate TB by 2030
About Global Drug Facility (GDF)
A non-profit organization
Implements the UN-backed ‘The Stop TB Partnership’
To facilitate global access to quality-assured, affordable TB diagnostics and treatments
About Stop TB Partnership
Founded in 2001
A UN-hosted organization
Brings together expertise
From a broad spectrum of partners
Country partners
Regional partners
Global partners
Shared mission to end TB by 2030
Hosted and administered by United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)
In Geneva, Switzerland

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