Badis limaakumi

In an exciting development, a new species of fish has been discovered, adding to the rich diversity of aquatic life. This newly found species is known as “Badis Limaakumi.”

This topic of “Badis limaakumi” is important from the perspective of the UPSC IAS Examination, which falls under General Studies Portion.

What is Badis Limaakumi?

Nature of the Species

Badid Fish: Badis Limaakumi belongs to the Badidae family and is categorized as a freshwater fish.


  • Preferred Habitats: These fish are commonly found in streams with slow or moderate water flow.
  • Adaptability: They are also known to inhabit various other environments, including channels of rivers, ditches, and stagnant water bodies.

Other Names

  • Chameleon Fish: The Badis Limaakumi is often referred to as the “Chameleon Fish” due to its remarkable ability to change color, especially as a form of camouflage when under stress.

Family Overview

  • Total Species: The Badidae family comprises a total of 26 recognized species, including the newly discovered Badis Limaakumi.
  • Geographical Presence: These fish are found in several countries, including India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Thailand, and Myanmar.

Characteristics of Badis Limaakumi

  • Rapid Colour Change Ability: One of the most remarkable features of this fish is its ability to change colors rapidly, a trait it shares with its family members.
  • Size: Badis Limaakumi is relatively larger than other species within the Badidae family.
  • Unique Features:
    • Opercular Blotch: It has a distinct opercular blotch at the base of the opercular spine.
    • Absent Features: Unlike some other species in the family, Badis Limaakumi lacks spots on its sides and cleithrum, as well as lateral line scales.

Who Named Badis Limaakumi?

The naming of this newly discovered fish species, Badis Limaakumi, is credited to Limaakum, an assistant professor and the head of the Zoology Department at Fazl Ali College in Nagaland. His contribution to the field of zoology has resulted in the recognition and naming of this unique aquatic species.

Where Was Badis Limaakumi Discovered?

The discovery of Badis Limaakumi took place in the Milak River, located in the northeastern state of Nagaland, India. This region is renowned for its biodiversity, and the addition of Badis Limaakumi to the list of indigenous species only highlights the importance of conserving these unique ecosystems.

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