Australia’s SSN-AUKUS Submarine Program

Australia’s SSN-AUKUS Submarine Program mind map
Recent News:
Australia to operate two submarine classes
Option for additional Virginia boats if SSN-AUKUS schedule falls behind
Design "about 70 per cent mature" as of March 2023
Will use "evolved" version of AN/BYG1 Combat Management System
First UK submarine delivery in late 2030s
First Australian submarine delivery in early 2040s
To replace UK's Astute class and Australia's Collins class submarines
Enhance national security
Increase interoperability with US technology
Nuclear-powered fleet submarine
Will incorporate US technology
Propulsion plant systems and components
Common vertical launch system and weapons
High degree of commonality with Virginia class
Sharing elements of propulsion plant, combat system, and weapons
Non-nuclear weapon state under IAEA
UK and US to provide nuclear material in welded nuclear power units
Two production lines
Barrow-in-Furness, UK
Osborne, South Australia
Richard Marles, Australian Minister for Defence
Vice Admiral Jonathan Mead, head of Australian Nuclear Powered Submarine Task Force
Pat Conroy, Australian Minister for Defence Industry
Involved countries: Australia, UK, US
SSN-AUKUS class to replace existing classes
Incorporation of technology from all three nations
Largest defence capability investment in Australian history
Transformational for nation, defence force, economy
Conventionally-armed, ensuring compliance with IAEA guidelines
Complexity of nuclear technology transfer
Compliance with international non-proliferation standards
Coordination between three nations' defence industries
Way Forward:
Finalizing submarine builder within the next year
Continuing design maturation and integration of technologies
Establishing infrastructure and workforce in production locations

The SSN-AUKUS Submarine Program is a collaborative effort by Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States to develop a new class of nuclear-powered submarines. This initiative aims to replace older submarine classes with a more advanced, nuclear-powered fleet that integrates cutting-edge technology from all three nations. The program highlights a significant investment in defense capabilities, emphasizing interoperability, enhanced security measures, and the strengthening of international partnerships. With plans for delivery starting in the late 2030s for the UK and the early 2040s for Australia, the SSN-AUKUS submarines represent a major leap forward in naval technology and defense strategy.

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