Atal Setu

Atal Setu mind map
Recent News:
- Inaugurated by PM Modi
- In Mumbai
- January 2024
- January 12, 2024
- Enhance connectivity
- Economic growth
- Mumbai Trans Harbour Link
- Officially named Atal Setu
- 21.8 km long
- 6-lane sea bridge
- Connects:
- Mumbai
- Navi Mumbai
- Mumbai
- India
- Narendra Modi
- Prime Minister
- India
- Engineering marvel
- Construction:
- 1,70,000 tonnes reinforced steel
- 90,000 tons of steel used
- 504,253 metric tonnes cement
- Funded by:
- Japan JICA
- Labor:
- Bihar
- Orissa
- Uttar Pradesh
- Punjab
- Maharashtra
- Reduces travel time
- From 2 hours to 20 mins
- Connects Mumbai and Pune Expressway
- Access to:
- Mumbai International Airport
- Navi Mumbai International Airport
- Mumbai Port
- Jawaharlal Nehru Port
- Economic development
- Better access to

Atal Setu, inaugurated in January 2024 by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is a monumental infrastructure project in Mumbai. Officially known as the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link, this 21.8 km long sea bridge represents a significant stride in engineering and design. As India’s longest sea bridge, it connects Mumbai with Navi Mumbai, significantly reducing travel time from two hours to just about 20 minutes. This six-lane bridge not only enhances connectivity between critical areas like the Mumbai and Navi Mumbai International Airports and major ports but also promises economic growth and improved access to essential services like education and healthcare. While it stands as a testament to technological advancement and infrastructure prowess, the project also faces challenges concerning its environmental impact and the necessity for sustainable practices and regular monitoring.

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