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Vessel Anjadip launched.


  • It is the 3rd of the ASW Shallow Water Craft series of vessels.
  • It is an Arnala class vessel.
  • Named after the Anjadip Island- a strategically important island located off Karwar. This island is connected to the mainland by a breakwater.
  • Features:
    • 77 m long
    • Displacement: 900 tons
    • Max speed of 25 knots
    • Endurance: 1800 NM
    • >80% indigenous content


  • It is to be used for:
    • Anti-submarine operations in the coastal waters
    • Low Intensity Maritime Operations
    • Mine Laying Operations like subsurface surveillance in littoral waters


  • Built by Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers, Kolkata.
  • The vessel was built under a contract between the GRSE and the Defence Ministry in 2019.
    • The contract is for building 8 ASW SWCs.
    • These are Arnala class ships to replace the Abhay class ASW Corvettes.
    • 4 vessels are being built at GRSE Kolkata while 4 others have been sub-contracted to L&T Shipbuilding, Kattupalli.
  • It was built for the Indian Navy.


  • Launched at Kattupalli, Tamil Nadu.


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