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Amazon Women of the World (WoW) programme

Amazon Women of the World (WoW) programme mind map
Networking platform
For women engineering students in India
Connects students
With Amazon leaders
With student recruiters
Broad Amazon community interaction
Skill-building sessions
Career insights from alumni
Amazon’s culture information
Foster resource utilisation
Promote tech careers among women
Upskilling in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)
Gender parity vision
Steps for diversity
Across job roles
Across seniority levels
Platform features
Skill development
Resource utilisation
Alumni career experiences
Culture acquaintance
Bridging gaps
For women in tech
Regular connections with industry leaders
Engagement methods
Virtual events
Live sessions
Interview prep sessions
Online workshops
Fireside chats
With Amazon’s tech leaders
With recent hires
Career journey guidance
Preparation and planning
Insight into Amazon culture
Open role applications
Innovation spirit
Foster brightest minds development
Strengthen skills for tech career opportunities
Women students in India
B.Tech/BE, MCA, M.Tech/ME, Dual Degree students
Opens on June 14

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20% Special Sale Ends Today! Hurry Up!!!