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Rape Crisis in India – Present Status, Legal Remedies & its Drawbacks

The gang-rape of a veterinary doctor whose body was set ablaze and dumped under a bridge has sent shockwaves through India, with hundreds of women taking to the street in protest. Less than 24 hours of this incident, another charred body of a 35-year old woman was found in the same area. The gruesome nature of this crime has brought back the chilling memories of the Nirbhaya incident that took place in Delhi in December 2012. People from all walks of life have come together to demand capital punishment for the accused.

Suicide in India – Causes, Prevention, Government Efforts

In the last few decades, suicide has emerged as one of the common causes of death in India. A large number of people lose their lives every year to suicide in India. Suicide has emerged as a serious public health issue in our country.  It leaves a major social, economic and emotional burden on those who are left behind. Hence, it has become important to delve deep into the issue and look into the various aspects related to it. 

[Article] Dowry in India – Causes, Effects and Way Forward

The recent series of alleged dowry deaths in Kerala has raised eyebrows and shed light on the dowry system in India which is still prevalent despite several attempts to ban it. Dowry deaths accounted for 40% to 50% of homicides in the country for almost a decade from 1999 to 2018. Dowry has been a part of the socio-economic fabric of Indian society and a burning issue since time immemorial. Dowry related deaths and domestic violence are rampant. Despite India’s improvement in socio-economic indicators, dowry as a social malady has not been eradicated. Therefore, the various aspects of this issue must be looked into and rather than finding ad hoc solutions to the problem, long-term effective measures should be taken to address the issue.

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