Africa Climate Summit 2023

The global focus shifts towards Nairobi, Kenya, as it gears up to host the Africa Climate Summit 2023 from the 4th to the 6th of September. This summit aims to cast a spotlight on Africa’s unique climate challenges, particularly highlighting issues like drought, desertification, and increasing cyclones.

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Event Details


  • Scheduled On: 4th to 6th of September


  • Shed light on Africa’s urgent climate-related concerns:
    • Drought leading to water scarcity and crop failures.
    • Desertification eroding fertile lands.
    • Increasing Cyclones that have led to:
      • Massive displacement of communities.
      • Large-scale migration.
      • Severe food crises due to disrupted agriculture.

Strategies & Initiatives

  • ACW’s Strategy:
    • Tackle the imminent climate crisis via:
      • Collective cooperation among African nations.
      • Pioneering initiatives designed to drive significant change.
    • Cultivate momentum for promising and substantial results.
      • Primarily at the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference COP28.
        • Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Organizing Body

  • Host: Government of Kenya


  • Venue: Nairobi, Kenya

Key Facts & Figures

Financing Needs

  • Addressing climate issues in Africa demands significant financial backing. The prime areas of focus include:
    • Mitigation: Reducing or preventing the emission of greenhouse gases.
    • Adaptation: Adjusting to the current or expected changes in climate.
  • Financial Estimates:
    • A substantial fund of between $750 billion and $1.3 trillion is anticipated to be required annually by 2025.

Information Source

  • The figures and specifics are courtesy of the African Group of Negotiators on Climate Change.

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