Advanced MH-60R Seahawk Helicopters

Advanced MH-60R Seahawk Helicopters mind map
Recent News:
Indian Navy
Commission Date: March 6, 2024
Location: INS Garuda, Kochi
Contract Signed: February 2020
First Delivery: July 2021
Full Delivery by: 2025
Strengthen Maritime Security:
Enhance anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare capabilities
Improve surveillance and operational effectiveness
Total Aircraft: 24 MH-60R helicopters
Cost: Over 14,000 Crores INR ($2.12bn)
Advanced Warfare Capabilities:
Anti-submarine warfare (ASW)
Anti-surface warfare (ASuW)
Search and rescue (SAR)
Medical evacuation (MEDEVAC)
Vertical replenishment (VERTREP)
Torpedoes, missiles, and precision kill weapon system rockets
Self-Protection Suite:
Chaff and Infrared Flares
Data Link System:
Enhances interoperability and operational coordination
Strategic Importance: Indian Ocean Region (IOR)
Involved Parties:
Indian Navy
United States Government
Lockheed Martin/Sikorsky
Key Personalities:
Defence Minister Rajnath Singh
Indian Ambassador to the USA, Taranjit Singh Sandhu
Lieutenant Commandant Aneesh Ayarotil
Training and Integration:
Training for IN crew with initial deliveries
Final testing and integration with INS Vikrant
Operational Reach:
Extends the operational reach of the Navy
Maritime Presence:
Strengthens India's maritime presence in IOR
Seamless interoperability with Indian and friendly foreign platforms
Integration Challenges:
Ensuring seamless integration into existing naval operations
Way Forward:
Operational Deployment:
Seamless transition to operational deployments anticipated
Sustained Naval Operations Support:
Supporting sustained naval operations across various spectrums and vast maritime domains

The Indian Navy’s commissioning of MH-60R Seahawk helicopters symbolizes a significant enhancement in maritime security capabilities, specifically in anti-submarine warfare and surface warfare, along with improved surveillance, search and rescue, and medical evacuation capabilities. The procurement of 24 advanced helicopters from the US, under a deal worth over 14,000 Crores INR ($2.12 billion), is set to extend the Navy’s operational reach, especially in the strategic Indian Ocean Region. This integration into the Navy’s fleet, with the commissioning scheduled for March 6, 2024, at INS Garuda in Kochi, is a critical part of India’s defense modernization, aiming to bolster its maritime security and ensure seamless interoperability with Indian and international naval forces​​​​​​​​​​.

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