Adaptation Gap Report, 2023

Adaptation Gap Report, 2023 mind map
United Nations (UN) Report
Declining adaptation finance
Developing countries' needs not met
Adaptation Gap Report
Annual publication
By United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
Since 2014
Independent assessment
Global adaptation to climate change
UNEP Copenhagen Climate Centre (UNEP-CCC)
World Adaptation Science Programme (WASP)
Inform climate negotiations
Among UN member states
Explore options
Enhance national and global adaptation efforts
With UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
Global stocktake
Findings of Adaptation Gap Report, 2023
Finance needs
Developing countries
10-18 times greater than public finance flows
Funding in 2021
15% lower than previous years
Current adaptation finance gap
USD 194-366 billion per year
Adaptation finance gap definition
Difference between adaptation financing needs and finance flows
55 climate-vulnerable economies
Losses and damages
Over USD 500 billion in last 2 decades
Investment benefits
Against coastal flooding
USD 1 billion investment
Leads to USD 14 billion reduction in damages
In agriculture
USD 16 billion per year
Prevents 78 million people from starvation or chronic hunger
National adaptation planning instruments
5 out of 6 countries have at least one
Progress slowing for global coverage
7 ways to increase financing
Include domestic expenditure
International finance
Private sector finance

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