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“Counting the Cost 2023: A Year of Climate Breakdown” Report

“Counting the Cost 2023: A Year of Climate Breakdown” Report mind map
Report Overview
Analysis Focus
Top 20 costliest climate disasters
2023 data
Global Inequality Highlighted
Disparate impact on poor countries
Analysis Method
New methodology for economic impact
Per head of population
by Christian Aid
Key Findings
Disasters Included
Geographic Spread
14 countries affected
Varying susceptibility
Economic Impact
Hundreds of billions of dollars
Developing countries majorly affected
Social Impact
Millions displaced or killed
Livelihoods and assets lost
Case Study
Cyclone Freddy in Malawi
Economic and personal losses
Injustice Highlighted
Double Injustice
Worst affected contributed least to climate change
Climate Finance
Urged increase by world leaders
Early Warning Systems
Investment in prediction and preparation
Government Actions
Emission cuts
Adaptation to climate change
Support for Loss and Damage Fund
Report Release
27 December 2023

The “Counting the Cost 2023: A Year of Climate Breakdown” report by Christian Aid provides a critical analysis of the economic and human costs of climate-related disasters in 2023. It highlights the unequal impact of these disasters across different countries, with a particular focus on how poorer nations bear a disproportionate burden. The report uses a novel methodology to assess the economic impacts per head of population in the affected countries. It calls for increased climate finance, investment in early warning systems, and urgent action to cut emissions and adapt to climate change, emphasizing the need for a well-resourced loss and damage fund.

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