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2023 Hottest Calendar Year

2023 Hottest Calendar Year mind map
Recent News
Current Month
1.48°C above pre-industrial times
Earth's average temperature 14.98°C
Throughout 2023
Greenhouse gases
El Nino effect
Natural oscillations
Increased solar activity
2022 undersea volcano eruption
Record-breaking temperatures
Warmest June to December
Every day exceeded 1°C above pre-industrial level
173 days over 1.5°C warmer
Global phenomenon
European climate agency Copernicus
Scientists and agencies worldwide
Climate change
Global warming
Awareness of climate change
Calls for action
Risk to ecosystems
Extreme weather events
Threats to human health
Way Forward
Transition from fossil fuels
Stronger climate action

The year 2023 marked a significant and concerning milestone in climate change history, as it was recorded as the hottest calendar year since measurements began. The global average temperature reached 1.48°C above pre-industrial levels, with an average of 14.98°C, making it a year of extreme heat and weather anomalies. The principal cause of this unprecedented rise in temperature is attributed to the increase in greenhouse gases, along with factors like the El Niño effect, natural ocean oscillations, augmented solar activity, and the impact of an undersea volcano eruption in 2022. The year saw every single day exceeding the 1°C above pre-industrial levels, and for nearly half the year, temperatures were over 1.5°C warmer. This phenomenon had global implications, emphasizing the urgency for stronger climate action, particularly the transition away from fossil fuels to mitigate further risks and challenges posed by climate change.

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